A Break from Brattitude

Teagan will be the big 11 in less than a month! So crazy! As she’s starting her tween years, she’s hit a phase that I like to call “brattitude.” Overnight, she learned EVERYTHING and the rest of us suddenly knew NOTHING! Miraculous! However, she still does occasionally have moments so sweet I can’t help but grab my camera (if only so I can look at the pictures and remember the good days when she’s reminding me how much I don’t understand ANYTHING). This week, instead of a long essay, I just want to share one of those moments with you. 



A few months ago, T wanted to spend the night in my room downstairs, but I had about an hour of homework left. Instead of going back upstairs, she put tape on her face so she could sleep with the lights on while I finished up. I thought she was a little crazy, but was happy to know that spending time with me was still worth her time and even discomfort. She might have actually thought I was the cool sister! (Jillian knows better.) The reason my family is so close is really that simple: we love spending time together. No matter where we are or what we’re doing. A lot of times I joke that my sisters and moms have stopped me from making me more friends in high school because I almost always choose to hang out with my family! It’s a bit of a problem, but a good problem to have. 😉 

We love spending time together, and we tell each other everything. I have always been honest about who I am and what I feel with my family, even when they were the ONLY people I was that honest with. Like I said in my last post, I truly believe that being fully open about who you are is the only way to know just how deeply you are loved. 

With that said, I want to dedicate this week to telling my readers what they want to know! I’m hoping to get some questions from our now 700 followers (700!) and answer at least one of those a day – along with others I’ve gotten over the years. Nothing’s off limits! (I’ve gotten everything from “Do people make fun of you at school?” to “Do you all get your periods at the same time?”) I know some of the things I haven’t talked about yet, but there might be topics you’re curious about that I haven’t thought of! I’m always happy to answer genuine questions because they show that people care enough to listen; besides, I’d rather people ask me than trust Fox News. 😉 Ask away and have a fabulous weekend! 

P.S. I’ll go ahead and answer the period question: no. But do Jillian and I sometimes become extremely emotional and angry at the same time? Absolutely. 

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