Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Happy Birthday, Mom! We hope you had a great day (although we know it was busy as always) and enjoy your new (noise canceling!!) headphones! Not that you would ever want to drown us out or anything, right? Since you’re 52 this year, (but look half your age!) this post is 26 reasons why we think you rock.

1) Your first selfie – though we know you’d kill us if we put it online.

2) Your quotes: “You can do anything but you can’t do everything.”

3) You love us at our worst but insist we strive for our best.

4) You put your heart and soul into your work but still manage to be hugely involved in our lives.

5) You’ve never missed a field hockey game, quick recall match, or speech, unless you were taking another one of us to a different game!

6) You put others first and empathize naturally.

7) You don’t see obstacles.

8) You never told me we couldn’t afford Stanford, and have worked incredibly hard to make sure we can.

9) You ARE an adventure.

10) Your laugh takes up an entire room and is contagious.

11) I believe without doubt that if I had anyone else on the planet as my mom, I would be dead by now.

12) You haven’t killed me yet. 🙂

13) You are a talented, poignant, and funny writer.

14) You know that helping is doing what is needed, not what you want to do.

15) You fit more than 24 hours worth of life into a day.

16) You are loved by many, liked by nearly everyone, and respected by all.

17) You don’t complain, ever. (Bitching is for bitches.)

18) The last word anyone would use to describe you is lazy.

19) You do unfun stuff before fun stuff, but manage to make the unfun fun.

20) You are a fiercely loyal friend, partner, and mother, a force to be reckoned with, and someone who makes me feel safer and more empowered than anyone else.

21) You is kind. You is smart. You is important. (And you read in your “free” time so you will get this reference to The Help!)

22) You care about being kind more than you care about being right.

23) You notice how other people feel and make them feel better.

24) You created a better life for your children than you had.

25) You don’t understand the word “no” expect in the context of “no excuses.” 

26) You love us to the moon and back.

And we love you! You and me against the world, Mommy. The best thing I will ever be is your daughter. 

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