Please watch (and share!) our new short film, “Sanctity,” about what marriage equality in Kentucky would mean to our family. This video was our first opportunity, and in a way, last chance, to share our story before the Supreme Court chooses whether or not to take up the Kentucky Marriage Ban case on January 9th. Thank you and Happy New Year! Let’s finish the fight in 2015.


5 thoughts on “Sanctity

  1. I totally agree…. on Oct 15 2014 I married the love of my life. She saved me from an abusive relationship w a man. I’ve never been treated as good as she treats me. Good luck girls I really hope ur mom’s can marry n b as happy as I am. This is a beautiful thing u girls did for ur moms. I know my boys r probally gonna go thru same stuff as u guys. Thank u so much for standing up for ur moms. This video made me almost cry bc I love my wife n was so happy to marry her. We’ve been together since we were 17 n 18 . Ten urs later still going strong. Thank u again gurls

  2. i have always been on the edge on this subject, since I was brought up in a pretty strict christian home, but your
    video have really opened my eyes and have given me something to really think about. I hope your MOMS are as
    proud of you as I am at this moment.

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