12 Reasons We (Usually) Love Teagan

  1. She has such a beautiful voice (and clearly loves hearing it). T guarantees a non-stop musical revue, a maybe too long but entertaining story, or best (worst?) of all a combination of the two. I swear I’ve heard her sing about brushing her teeth.
  2. She always makes you look better in a picture — not that she couldn’t be gorgeous if she tried, she just finds photobombing much more fulfilling.
  3. You kn10646866_905113622851471_4708864386375180498_now she’ll protect you, no matter who she has to kill. Whether that’s texting the girl who stole your phone the monologue from Taken — “I will find you…” — or whispering to Jillian’s boyfriend “I can make your death look like an accident…” followed by a wink and a smile, you know you’re safe with her, even if no one else is.
  4. When she tries, she can be so, so, sweet. I still remember her putting tape over her eyes just so she could sleep in my bed with me when I had to keep the light on doing homework. Glad to know she still thinks I’m cool (sometimes).
  5. She does the best Grinch impression on the planet. “Are you having a holllyyyy, jolllly, Christmass?”
  6. And Target Lady. And really anyone. “Stereotype busted!!”
  7. She doesn’t always have much stamina, but usually that results in something really cute.10527387_884040014942959_9152558797735896964_n
  8. She didn’t get to be a big sister, but I think our cousin Piper is ready to adopt her as one! She LOVES her “Tee-Tee!”
  9. She’s getting to be a Quick Recall superstar! Love that she’s picked up my favorite “sport” and is showing us more and more every day just how bright and hard-working she is.
  10. She’s brutally honest, for better or for worse. REAL IS RARE. (But not with her!)
  11. She has a lot more swag than I did at 12 — although as my mom Audrey reminded me today, “You didn’t have ANY swag, honey.” (Wonder where Teagan gets her honesty?!) But seriously, whether its with fashion or Instagram or selfies or the hottest current YouTube stars, she usually makes me feel very old, but I’m proud of her confidence and creativity, and willingness to be exactly who she is. Love that when she occasionally stops singing, she’s used her voice to speak out for our family.
  12. I wouldn’t be here without her. I still remember holding T for the first time twelve years ago, knowing her life brought so much hope for mine. Absolutely cannot imagine our family without her! We love you so much Tot, Baby T, TT, T-Money, Sweet Tea, Teagan! (Just kidding with the title, we always love you!)


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