Meet the Girls

sc 1Kinsey is a junior at Stanford University studying International Relations and an alumna of St. Francis School in Louisville, Kentucky. She is a 14 year cancer survivor, co-wrote the Voices of Children Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in 2015, and wants to become a civil rights lawyer. The only things she loves more than politics are wine and baseball.




10325403_830805483615619_316385122818979600_nJillian has an extreme passion for music. After playing percussion in her middle school band for two years, she found her real love: piano. She has since taught her self how to play piano, and has recently dived into the world of guitar. Among other things, she loves playing field hockey, sketching anything and everything she sees, volunteering at summer camps for kids who have been touched by cancer, and arguing with her sisters. Jillian is a vegetarian and activist for animal rights, who usually thinks Kinsey and Teagan act like monkeys. She is a senior at St. Francis School, and hopes to one day be an accomplished writer.

15032767_414442208943998_6226514965727361765_nTeagan loves to sing. All. The. Time. She is also a talented actress and starred in her school’s production of Alice and Wonderland as the Queen of Hearts and in Willy Wonka as Charlie Bucket. Her favorite subjects are science, music, and art, and she spends way too much time on Pinterest. She loves The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Hunger Games Trilogy. She hopes to be an actress, psychologist, or medical examiner, and knows all the words to every single One Direction song. Teagan’s never afraid to speak up for what’s right – and actually, never stops talking at all. She loves hanging out with her friends, sisters, and baby cousin Piper…who thinks Teagan hung the moon!



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